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Achieving excellence in the delivery of primary school PE

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Atlas Sports enjoys a strong reputation for both consistency and reliability within the world of primary school PE.

Our unique and comprehensive approach to developing the delivery of physical education in primary schools has led to an excellent reputation amongst the primary schools in the South West of England. Through our 'PPA Cover', our 'Teaching PE: Development Programme', our 'Team Teach CPD' and our 'School Sports Clubs', we ensure that all of our schools are fully supported in developing the whole school delivery of PE.

We have an impressive 100% coach attendance record and high levels of 'school satisfaction', due in no small part to our extensive and rigorous hiring process. This, coupled with regular staff training, means that we can be confident in our strong commitment to 'achieving excellence in the delivery of PE'.

We are not a franchise looking to expand quickly, ultimately diluting the quality of our delivery; nor are we a big company failing to fill coaching slots obtained through bulk contact. Atlas Sports is committed to excellence and will not fall short of that expectation.

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