Our mission is clear- to achieve excellence in primary school physical education- and in order to achieve this we support schools in the South West of England via a fully comprehensive service, which includes:

Team Teach CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Specialist Sports Coaching PPA Cover Teachers' Coaching Zone - Schemes of Work Staff Training Inset Days Physical Education 'Booster' Seminars
We have a unique team of highly qualified experts in primary school physical education, including fully qualified teachers and professional specialist sports coaches. This combination not only helps to maximise the level and quality of support that we can offer primary schools, but it also provides our schools and pupils with a level of consistency and reliability that is hard to find.

Please feel free to have a look at our provision in greater detail below, or if you would like to contact us directly regarding our services, then please don't hesitate to get in touch via the contact page.

Atlas Sports Schools


Utilising the sport premium funding, we have created a unique and incredibly successful 'Team Teach - CPD Programme' to support our aim of achieving excellence in the delivery of primary school PE; a programme which has experienced impressive success to date.

The programme utilises our expert coaches and teachers through a 'training on the job' approach.

A member of our highly qualified team will come to your school and work closely with your teachers: delivering the lesson and handing over some of the delivery responsibilities along the way.

Through instilling confidence and equipping the teachers with high quality lesson plans and activities to deliver, our programme is incredibly successful in raising the standards of primary school PE.

We are incredibly proud of our 'Team Teach - CPD Programme', as it has enabled us to work closely with multiple primary schools in the South West of England, ultimately improving the level of provision and the quality of delivery within physical education.

Primary School Sport CPD Training


Our PPA provision is rich with diversity, delivering traditional sports such as football, tag rugby and hockey; as well as unique and engaging alternative sports, such as ultimate frisbee and handball.

We offer a range of PPA provision to help facilitate your school's needs. Whether you need a full school day of curriculum PE for your pupils, or just half a day PPA provision, we are sure that you will be more than satisfied with our first class service.

All our staff are put through a rigorous induction and on-going training, which ensures they are ready to hit the ground running once you make the decision to have Atlas Sports cater for your PPA provision.

A unique part of our PPA cover revolves around the focus of a term's delivery. As with classroom lessons, we deliver a sport for the term; ensuring that every pupil has the best possible chance of developing in a progressive and supportive environment.

We're not done there. In both academic years 2012/13 & 2013/14, we achieved a 100% attendance record for all of our sessions, further enhancing our reputation as a reliable school sports coaching provider.

Primary School PE PPA Cover


Our Teachers' Coaching Zone is an online resource full of high quality lesson plans, which are all illustrated and have supporting videos to aid teachers in the delivery of outstanding PE lessons.

Each and every lesson plan includes:

Differentiated Activities Learning Objectives (Low, Middle & High Ability) 3 Cross Curricular Links Opportunities to Measure Success Small Sided Games
The online resource is free to all schools working in partnership with Atlas Sports. However, if you are a school who is looking for some schemes of work that have a great support feature, such as our video support, then you can obtain membership for an annual fee of £299.00.

The Teachers' Coaching Zone has proved to be an invaluable teaching resource for all of our schools; with the video demonstrations that are provided, held in very high regard.

PE Lesson Plans - Schemes of Work


As part of our fully comprehensive service in supporting primary schools with their delivery of physical education, we have devised a two hour 'Teaching PE: Development Programme' which can be delivered during inset days or after school.

The two hour programme is delivered as one part theory, exploring modules such as 'learning through small sided games' and 'the coaching process'. The second part is delivered through a practical session, which provides the teachers with an invaluable insight into the delivery of PE, through a small sided games approach.

Our seminars are great for:

Building confidence in the delivery of PE Developing an understanding of new coaching techniques Enhancing staff relationships through enjoyable practical sessions Equipping teachers with high quality games to deliver Achieving excellence in PE
If you would like to book a staff training session for your school, or would like more information, simply get in touch.

Primary PE Staff Inset Training


Our 'Booster Seminars' are designed to enhance the quality of delivery within physical education, through upskilling current teaching staff on the new methodologies and processes within coaching.

The seminars are aimed at teachers who may have a lack of experience within sport, which is subsequently affecting their ability and confidence to deliver PE.

Through a practical hands on experience where we - as coach educators - deliver a PE lesson to the teachers on the course, Atlas Sports Booster Seminars help to provide an invaluable 1st hand experience in an active, purposeful and enjoyable PE lesson; which teachers can then easily transfer to their own practice.

To find out when our next PE Booster Seminar is on, please do get in touch.